Privacy Policy

At CAMS Software, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service. As providing this service may involve the collection, storage and use of personal information, protecting this information is one of our highest priorities.

What Personal Data We Collect

Predominantly, personal data is entered via one or more of the Prospero Suite of applications, such as Outbound, Mobi and Inbound. The various applications allow for entry of personal data elements such as name, phone number and employee number. While some of this information is necessary for the proper functioning of the subscribed systems, certain data may be optionally entered based upon your company’s needs. For Prospero Mobi, driver’s license is a required field based upon FMCSA regulations.  Note that while this personal data is required, these data elements are encrypted.

How We Protect Your Personal Data

The Prospero Suite data exists in Enterprise grade repositories, protected by modern hardware firewall appliances, and may be accessible by the front end Prospero application or integrated with one or more of your other applications. All integration data is requested, vetted and approved by your organization.

Within our Prospero Suite of tools, all data elements are communicated over the latest recommended security protocols. Users access the applications using the latest authentication and authorization processes and protocols. Any data store that is backed up is encrypted and secured at rest. 

How we Share / Transfer Your Personal Data

Regardless of the data collection mechanisms or purpose, your data is never shared with any 3rd parties without your prior consent. Website or phone collected data is specific to a particular use case. Prospero Suite data is required for day to day operations and is never shared with any 3rd party entities unless you approve or instruct us to do so. Instructions to share data must be in writing by the appropriate organization authority. We never sell your data to anyone.

Information collected by our website

Generally, we use 3rd party tracking services, such as Google Analytics, to track traffic to our website. This may include IP address, time of day, and location. This is done to improve our systems. The tracked data is never shared with 3rd parties and is for internal use only.

Periodically we may host a function where you could provide us with personal information such as email and/or phone number. This information is collected solely for the purposes of contacting you during the specific event. This information is never shared with 3rd parties without your prior consent. Should you request for us to delete your contact information, we will do so.

Deleting data

At CAMS Software Corporation we greatly value working with you and ensure that your data is secure, but also conforms to regulatory retention requirements. Should you end a subscription agreement with CAMS Software, we will work with you to ensure your data is provided to you and if requested, removed from our systems. Requests to delete all Prospero data must be in writing and be accompanied by appropriate approvals from your organization.

Questions or Concerns

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