CAMS Software, makers of Prospero, provides innovative transportation solutions designed specifically to meet the distinct and demanding requirements of large-scale grocery distribution. Since 1998, we have deployed to over 115 major grocery distribution centers all across North America.

Grocery transportation typically involves short-range distribution of grocery and perishable product to and from the same locations over and over. Oftentimes this is done using a large private fleet. Most Transportation Management Systems (TMSs) are designed primarily for shipping with the lowest cost of transportation, not necessarily managing your own private fleet and all the associated challenges.

CAMS Software designs solutions to handle the numerous challenges unique to grocery transportation such as driver bids, activity based compensation, on-time delivery performance and tracking, backhaul and salvage optimization, reusable asset tracking, driver efficiency tracking and so on. For these reasons, CAMS Software is the TMS solution provider of choice for more major grocery companies than any other TMS.

Our Philosophy

Prospero is named after the main character from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. In this, the last of Shakespeare’s major works, in the final soliloquy and epilogue, he makes the point that his life’s work is only given meaning through the enjoyment produced in his patrons.  “As you from crimes would pardon’d be, Let your indulgence set me free.”  Only from the applause can Prospero avoid failure and be set free.

In the same manner, CAMS Software is tied to its clients by the threads of their successes. If we take on your business, we only succeed if you do; your prospering is our prospering.